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Whether you are a retailer, or you work with retailers, The Retail Owners Institute makes it easy for you to get a quick financial health assessment of any retail business. 

First, choose any one of the 53 retail segments listed on this page, and click the link. 

When that "Retail Segment" page opens, immediately see 5-Year Trend Charts of these 6 key ratios that The ROI has identified for retailers to regularly monitor:

  • Retail Benchmarks Trend ChartsPre-Tax Profit
  • Gross Margin
  • Inventory Turnover
  • Debt-to-Worth Ratio
  • Current Ratio

These Benchmark Trend Charts, available only from The ROI, offer a snapshot view of the financial health and viability of each retail sector.

Compare and Contrast Several Segments
Now, look at some other retail segments. (Use the Benchmarks menu bar tabs at the top of each page.) 

Fascinating, isn't it? See how quickly you can compare and contrast different types of retailers. It's easy to gain insightful perspective. 


Want to Know How Your Stores Compare? 
Of course you do!

Click on the "Do Your Own Ratios" tab, and use the built-in KEY RATIOS Calculator. (Yes, it's complimentary; no charge to use.)

  • Enter just a few numbers from your financial statement. Immediately - and automagically! - see all six of your Key Ratios.
  • Use the built-in comps from 53 retail segments to compare your results to the median-performing retailers in your segment.

Available Only at The ROI

The Retail Owners Institute® makes these Benchmarks charts and the KEY RATIOS Calculator available online, anytime, 24/7, for free. 

Be sure to take advantage of this information!

Retail Segments

Find your retail segment below • click its name to go to its own page • see The ROI's Five-Year Trend Charts
(Retail segments are defined by the North American Industrial Classification System; summaries of those NAICS definitions appear at the top of each Segment's page)

Furniture & Home Furnishings Stores
Furniture StoresFloor Covering StoresHome Furnishings Stores

Building Material & Garden Equipment & Supplies Dealers
Home CentersPaint & Wallpaper StoresHardware StoresLumber & Building Materials DealersOutdoor Power Equipment StoresNursery, Garden Center & Farm Supply Stores

Food & Beverage Stores
Baked Goods StoresSupermarkets & Grocery StoresConvenience StoresGasoline Stations with Convenience StoresMeat MarketsFruit & Vegetable MarketsFood (Health) Supplement Stores • Candy & Nut StoresBeer, Wine & Liquor Stores

Health & Personal Care Stores
Cosmetics, Beauty Supplies & Perfume StoresPharmacies & Drug StoresOptical Goods Stores

Clothing & Clothing Accessories Stores
Men's Clothing StoresWomen's Clothing StoresFamily Clothing StoresClothing Accessories StoresShoe StoresJewelry Stores

Recreation & Leisure Activities Stores
Sporting Goods StoresHobby, Toy & Game StoresMusical Instrument & Supplies StoresBookstores

General Merchandise Stores
Department StoresVariety Stores

Electronics & Appliance Stores
Audio/Video & Consumer Electronics StoresHousehold Appliances

Other Specialty Retail Stores
Art DealersFlorists  • Gift, Novelty, and Souvenir StoresOffice Supplies and Stationery StoresPet and Pet Supplies Stores
Used Merchandise Stores

Motor Vehicles & Parts Dealers
Auto Parts & Accessories StoresBoat DealersMotorcycle DealersNew Car DealersRecreational Vehicle DealersTire DealersUsed Car Dealers

Non-Store Retailers
Online ShoppingMail Order HousesKiosks

"How can these benchmark numbers be used?"

  1. For perspective. Calculate these ratios for your own business, and then see how you compare to your retail industry segment.
  2. Use these benchmarks when you are setting your own target ratios for the next year.
  3. You should know that when you are seeking a bank loan for your business, the bankers will look at these industry benchmarks as they assess your store's performance.

More FREE Resources

Go to the Retail Benchmarks Resource Center

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Refer a Friend to The ROI
Refer a Friend to The ROI
Which Bank for You?
Which Bank for You?
The Institute's Owner's Dashboard
The Institute's Owner's Dashboard

Focus on Your Financial Strength 

Use The Institute's Owner's Dashboard Trend Form to track your progress. It's a simple - yet powerful! - three-step process:

Step 1: Enter LY results for five key ratios

Step 2: Enter This Year's Targets

Step 3: Each month (no later than the 10th of the month!) enter YTD results

Immediately see whether - and if so, where - you need to make adjustments now to achieve the results you want. "Lead time" is one of your most valuable assets.  Use our Owner's Dashboard Trend Form  to put time on your side.

(Need more info on these ratios, how to calculate them, and what they mean?  See the Retail Finance Basics section here at The ROI.  And, view this online webcast from The ROI Co-Founders for more about the Owner's Dashboard. Click here to download and printout your own master copy of the Owner's Dashboard Trend Form)

Where Do I Start?
Where Do I Start?
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Need to Know It NOW!

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